Tuesday, October 13, 2009

If I Had Superpowers

Every Geek, Nerd, and Dork that has ever lived has thought about this question. What would it be like if I had superpowers? What kind of superpowers would I want to have? How would I use those superpowers? For me it really depends on the day what superpowers I want, and how I think I would use them.

Today my choices and reasons are as follows:

Power: Wolverines Regeneration
Reason: Where do you start with this power? First off you would live for a VERY long time. Imagine the things you could see over the time given to you. You would NEVER get sick. You could live a life without fear as you would know you could "bounce back" from almost anything.

Power: Gambits Ability to Control and Harness Energy
Reason: So regeneration I see as a defensive ability. Controlling energy I see as a Offensive ability. I have always thought it would be cool to harness large energy balls and throw them at your enemies. I also used to daydream about tossing an energy ball up and down in my hand while talking to someone. Also if you can harness energy you can charge object with energy, like Gambit does with his playing cards.

Power: Mind Reading
Reason: To be honest I have thought for a few months that the world would be a better place if we could all read each others mind. True at first there would be chaos and shock, but think about it. Secrets are one of the most harmful things I have ever seen. If no one was able to keep secrets I think overall the world would be a better place, and people would be happier.

So what powers would you want and why?


  1. I guess the blog ended up needing a name after all? =)

    Are we limited to a certain genre of comic-book based super power, or can we make one up?

  2. I think you can make one up....Those are always the best powers to have anyways, and generally very entertaining

  3. The thing about telepathy that proposes and interesting quandary, is that being the only one able to tune in on other people’s thoughts actually increases the value of secrets. This is because the value comes in you being able to know the other person’s secrets, and not the other way around. Therefore, the secret retains its value, but you then have access to it.

    I think the revolution you are talking about is the notion that everyone would have telepathy, and therefore be prevented from having secrets at all. If everyone were telepathic, secrets would be very difficult to have.

    The thing I find remarkable about this notion is that it is well within our power to have right now. If people were simply honest (and presumably able to communicate), then the same revolution would occur without needing an extra super power. It is a change that could occur simply by our choices as a society.
    Thus, if you want secrets to remain, and to have a monopolistic ability to extract value from those secrets, it is good to be the only one with telepathy. If you want the social benefits of having no secrets, we can accomplish that now by choosing to be honest =)

    As far as my super powers go, I will cheat slightly and go with:




  4. I love the water bending power that is truly awesome. I also like the path of enlightenment, Terra once mentioned (maybe over a year ago) that you might have some suggestions on some good books to read on the subject?