Monday, June 8, 2009

So last week I decided to start riding my bike to the park I run at everyday. This seemed like a good idea because it would give me more cardio to my workout, and would justify the 80 something odd dollars I spent getting my bike repaired so long ago, and then never rode. So the ride there was fine, and I was pleased todays ride was MUCH easier then last week! NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Easier in this sentence is defined as not hacking a lung out of my mouth, and my legs not feeling like they are on fire.

The run went fine, and on the way back seriously within about 400 yards of my house my back tire blew out on me. This as you can imagine frustrated me. However it brought back some good, and bad memories from the mission. I rode a bike in two areas Bakersfield and Oxnard. I would share some pictures and video from Oxnard but that memory card with all those pictures disappeared.

The first video is of Elder David Root. I have not shown this video and I dont think he know I have it. I am fairly certain he didnt know I was taking this video at the time, but I could be wrong. David and I were riding back to our apmt and his tire popped on him. At the time his tire was filled with slime to prevent flat tires, and so with a new hole in his tire the slime went all over his backside. Enjoy.

The other pictures and videos are a few from the good old mission days.

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